Centre for Resilient

and Inclusive Societies

Building strong, safe and well communities

Challenging Social Problems

About Us

We’re an independent, nonpartisan, university and community collaborative think-tank. Our research and programs address challenges that undermine social cohesion and community resilience. These challenges include racism, discrimination, violent extremism across diverse ideologies, hate-based speech and other social harms in both face-to-face and digital environments.

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The CRIS consortium offers an unprecedented opportunity to bring together community, academic and government knowledge and expertise to find the best ways to keep communities strong, safe and well.
— Professor Michele Grossman, Director
Strengthen Community Resilience


We aim to deliver research and programs with global impacts that address complex social challenges and strengthen healthy, resilient and inclusive local, national and international communities.

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Action-oriented Research


Our team has developed four research and program streams that are action-oriented, co-designed and situated in community contexts.

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